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Class-A Upgrade

Program Length: The course spans 120 hours and is conducted over a 3-week period, running from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Week 1 Class: 40 Hours

Classwork: Getting ready for a permit test. The students will go through the Washington State Commercial Driver Guide and Entry-Level driver training. Then you will have to schedule a date when you can come and take the written test at the DOL (Department Of Licensing). 

Week 2/ Week 3: 80 Hours

Students upgrading will come to the front desk to receive a Pre-Trip and Vest. Students will be required to sign In and Out of the office. After the students sign in, they may go to the yard, start their training with the instructor, and start learning the Pre-Trip.The Student with their permits will be able to start their training inside of the school truck. Students will start backing and Street Driving this week. Students will be doing their practice tests with an instructor. After a student Accumulates 80 hours of training. They may come to the front desk and ask the office to schedule a driving test with the DOL (Department Of Licensing).

For students that pass the state test, the school will update their results on the online licensing portal and will be able to receive a Class-A CDL.

Enrollment requirements

Must be at least 18 years of age
Must have a Washington license 

Must be proficient in English

Must pass a DOT physical exam

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