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How Does Team Driving Work?

Have you ever thought about what it's like to work as a team driver? In the trucking industry, it's common for spouses, friends, or colleagues to team up for their routes. Additionally, many drivers hauling loads for larger carriers prefer this arrangement. However, it's essential to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before committing to working with another person, as this arrangement involves spending a significant amount of time together in a relatively small space.


How It Works

Two individuals work as a team, taking turns driving during different shifts that span both daytime and nighttime hours. The primary benefit of working with a partner is the ability to spend more hours on the road, travel longer distances, and earn a higher income. Team drivers are highly sought after by trucking companies, and their extended hours result in faster delivery times since they experience fewer stops, shorter breaks, and quicker turnarounds.

Due to the high demand for team drivers, some companies offer to pay for your CDL training if you agree to work with a partner upon graduating. This can be an excellent opportunity for individuals who are interested in starting a career in the trucking industry and want to take advantage of the benefits of team driving.

Team Incentives

Team driving can be a financially rewarding career, especially for those who work for larger trucking companies. These companies often offer incentives to team drivers, including sign-on bonuses and guarantees of a certain number of miles per week, even if they don't actually drive that many miles. Other benefits of team driving may include a higher pay-per-mile rate, a higher safety bonus rate, and priority dispatch.

Overall, team drivers can expect to earn more when working with a friend, family member, or training partner. This is due to the increased number of hours on the road and the efficiency of the team-driving model, which can result in faster delivery times and greater earning potential. Additionally, many team drivers appreciate the social aspect of working with a partner, as it can help make long hours on the road more enjoyable.

Don’t Have a Team Driving Partner?

If you don't have a team driving partner, don't worry – many carriers have team matching programs that can help you find a compatible partner. These programs use databases to evaluate personal preferences, geography, load volume, and other factors to find a good match.

With these programs, you have ultimate control over who you end up partnering with, and you will never be forced into a partnership that isn't a good fit. This way, you can find someone who you work well with and who shares your goals and values, making the team-driving experience more enjoyable and efficient. So, if you're interested in team driving but don't have a partner, consider reaching out to carriers with team matching programs to explore your options.



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