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What Does It Take to Be a Car Hauler Truck Driver?

If you've ever been on the highway, you've likely spotted one of the most recognizable trucks on the road - the car hauler. These vehicles transport cars, trucks, and SUVs to their next destination. But have you ever considered a career as a car hauler? We spoke with an experienced professional in this field to learn about the realities of this line of work. If you're curious about becoming a car hauler, keep reading for everything you need to know before making a decision.


Fortunately, car haulers only need to meet one requirement: holding a valid CDL A license. There are no additional endorsements or qualifications needed beyond that.

Experience Needed

After obtaining your CDL A license, you will need some on-the-road experience before you begin hauling cars. While the number of years of experience required may vary depending on the company you plan to work for, most carriers prefer their drivers to have a few years of experience hauling dry van or reefer before entering the car hauling industry. However, some companies may hire drivers without prior car hauling experience, so it's always worth checking the specific requirements of each employer.

Clean Driving Record

Car haulers often transport cargo worth upwards of five hundred thousand dollars, making it crucial for drivers in this profession to prioritize safety and maintain a spotless driving record. Given the high value of the cargo, any accidents or mishaps can have significant financial implications for both the driver and their employer. As such, car haulers must remain vigilant and take all necessary precautions to ensure the safe transportation of vehicles.

Total Attention to Detail

Car hauling is a challenging job that demands meticulous attention to detail at every step. Car haulers are not only responsible for driving the vehicles but also loading and unloading them, requiring 100% accuracy in routine when spacing the cars and securing them in place. Ensuring that vehicles arrive at their destination without any damage is crucial to being a successful car hauler.

In this regard, we spoke to Robert Sitarski, Customer Service and Dealer Relations Supervisor at Hansen & Adkins, who has years of experience as a car hauler. Robert offered his insights and advice for drivers considering a career in this field.

What advice do you have for truck drivers who are considering becoming car haulers?

Car hauling isn't just any other driving job; it's a career that demands dedication and attention to detail. During your training period, it's important to pay close attention to every aspect of the job. This is where you'll develop a routine that will not only save you time but also help you operate your truck safely and efficiently. As a car hauler, your routine and approach to your work will impact your success in the long term, so it's important to take training seriously and commit to ongoing learning and improvement.

What’s the best part about car hauling?

Car hauling offers a significant degree of freedom and flexibility. Unlike many other driving jobs, you don't have to meet appointment times, and your truck is less affected by wind, whether it's empty or loaded. Additionally, driving the latest model vehicles can be a fun and rewarding experience. Loading and unloading the cars can also be a good source of exercise, which is an added bonus to the job. As a car hauler, you get to enjoy these perks while building a successful career in the industry.

What’s the most difficult part of the job?

One of the most challenging aspects of car hauling is configuring the load on the truck to meet all the weight and height requirements, particularly when starting out in the profession. However, the good news is that there's always someone available to offer support and guidance. Whether it's a peer or a trainer, you can rely on their advice to help you get through this hurdle. With time and experience, you'll develop the skills and confidence to handle load configurations independently, making the process much smoother and less daunting.

Is there anything else you think is important to add about car hauling?

Car hauling can be a highly rewarding career that you may never want to leave once you start. With proper training and experience, you can become specialized in a unique and fulfilling field that you'll be proud to be a part of. Car haulers play a critical role in transporting valuable assets across the country, and the skills you develop on the job will be highly valued by employers and clients alike. As you progress in your career as a car hauler, you'll have the opportunity to take on more challenging roles and grow your expertise, leading to a fulfilling and satisfying career path.


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