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Refresher Course

Program Length: 40 hours is a 1-week course from 10:00 A:M to 6:00 P:M.

Week 1 Class: 40 Hours

  1. Defensive Driving Techniques: You will undergo an extensive defensive driving course that will not only sharpen your driving skills but also equip you with strategies to anticipate and respond to potential road hazards. Emphasizing safety and accident prevention is a paramount aspect of this component.

  2. Pre-Trip Inspection: A thorough understanding of the pre-trip inspection process is fundamental. You will learn how to meticulously inspect your vehicle to identify any potential issues or safety concerns before hitting the road. This step is vital in ensuring the safety and compliance of your vehicle.

  3. Yard-Backing Skills: Yard-backing maneuvers are a critical part of a commercial driver's skill set. You will receive hands-on training and practice in various yard backing scenarios to enhance your proficiency in navigating tight spaces, backing into loading docks, and managing trailer positioning.

  4. City Driving: Urban driving presents its own set of challenges, including congestion, complex traffic patterns, and navigating city streets. Your refresher course will include city driving lessons, allowing you to become more comfortable and skilled in urban driving environments.


Enrollment requirements

Must be at least 18 years of age
Must have a Class-A license 

Must be proficient in English

Must pass a DOT physical exam

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